Soooo Excited… I’M BACK


The last post I posted was on August 28 which means that I have been fighting to get my blog back online for that long with technical difficulties.  I have so much to talk about and no blog.  I have wanted to write.  Now the irony if you look back the last post that I posted was about what would you do if you were invisible!!  Of all things and then I went invisible.  I am back.

I will be writing again.  I feel like a newborn baby that wants to write and write and write.  So life has been going on even though I haven’t been able to do a thing.  By now, I am sure that GoDaddy despises hearing when I am calling.  Did I mention that I am not technical at all?  I am not.  I mean it.

See you tomorrow.




9 comments to Soooo Excited… I’M BACK

  • Welcome back!

    I wonder what Halloween happenings are in the air around your place? We are baking pumpkin bars.

    I’ve been very thankful for GoDaddy’s tech support, too! Patient and they stuck with me until
    my problem is solved. Multiple problems. Usually, its from my not understanding techno geek.

    So… what words have you waiting to escape?

  • What happened to your blog? Did I miss something? I am thankful you are back.

  • Tami-
    I was really worried about you!
    I am so glad that you are back.
    I’ve had my ups and downs with GD on many an occasion. I’m working more with Host Gator these days.
    Glad to see you back :)

  • hrtsmakefamily

    Harriet, I’ve missed you as well. GD has been only part of the issue. The template being the other part. I’m going to have to change in the coming months. My agreement with GD is over in January.

  • hrtsmakefamily

    Hi Barbie, yes I had major technical difficulties with theme and GD. Funny when you have so much to write that you can’t get to do it. Thanks I’m glad to see you.

  • hrtsmakefamily

    Thank you, DPiper. We are carving pumpkins again this year and planning halloween costumes. Pumpkin bars sound great. Yes, I’m awful with techno stuff. GD was great for the most part until one told me just to delete the theme and I would lose so much. Lots and lots of stories to escape onto the blog. I’m so excited to be back.

  • Welcome back. I can’t believe it took you that long to get it all worked out with I am the least of technical people and I got it all switched in a matter of minutes. I am glad to see you back

  • hrtsmakefamily

    Hi Angel. GD wasn’t sure about the template or I just picked the wrong day on a few of the times. A lot of time it was you have to wait and see after the patch works. I can’t totally blame it on them. The template was a big issue as well. But its all good. Not being able to get to the blog made me want to start writing again… so here I am. I’m glad to see you.

  • Bookmarked, I love your site! :)

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