Every Day Is A Learning Opportunity


Today was one of those days that you realize how every day is a learning opportunity in your life.  Jason had many upsets today.  I know that anything that Jason will be overly excited about should not be mentioned until the day of.  Jason will drive you insane if he is aware something is coming up.

I came up with the idea of meeting Jason’s therapist at Chuck-e-Cheeses which is a major treat for him.  The purpose of this was so that his therapist could help me learn how to deal with him where there were tons of kids around.  She was concerned about the confidential issues with it.  I assured it that for me it would be more of a benefit.  That when Jason is in a crowd usually he acts out, I need help to understand how to handle such a situation in public without harm coming to Jason as well as other children.

We set it up.  I knew two weeks ahead of time that we were going to do it.  I did tell my husband.  I worried that he would let it slip out.  When Jason knows something is coming, he will start counting the time and drive you insane like he does every single morning before he goes to school.

The day was today.  I told him once we were in the car on the way.  I explained that his therapist would be there.  Even that did not seem to faze his excitement.  Faith and Jason were literally singing at the top of their lungs while we were driving there.  I had a headache before we even pulled into the lot.  But I was determined to see this through.

We had waited for about ten minutes for the therapist when I decided that we should go ahead and go inside.   I couldn’t stand the noise anymore basically.  We headed inside.  I spent the twenty dollars and got one hundred and ten tokens.  The kids thought this was an amazing amount of tokens since one token runs each game.  I knew that they would go through it in no time at all.

Faith:   “Mom, just split up the tokens and we will go on our own.”

Me:  “No, Faith, I will divide them up as we go along.  ”

Faith:  “Ok mom.”   She does this rolling of her eyes thing that drives me insane which she did.  Help..teenager coming.

Jason:  “Mom, when is Paula coming?”

Me:  “I texted her to let her know that we are inside.  She should be here soon.”

I handed out fifteen tokens each and off they ran.  I followed behind and took some pictures.  Jason seem fine.  No issues at all which made me realize that we were in what I call Jason’s domain.  The computers are where he can dive deep into.  He’s searching for this one machine.

Jason:  “Mom, it’s here.  I know it is.”

Me:  “Jason, calm down.  Let’s see if we can find it.”

Faith:  “Mommy, come watch me.”

Me:  “Faith, let me help Jason I will be right there.”

Jason:  “Mom, there it is.” and he takes off running.

I walk back to where Faith is.  She is on a bicycle ride that takes her up to the ceiling.  I can still see Jason. He’s on a racing game.  After about seven games are over, he comes back.

“Mom, where is Paula?”

“She’ll be here.”

“Mom, she should be here.”  He’s screaming now.

“Jason, calm down.  Look at this game over here.  Can you show me how it works.”

“Mom, where is she?” He hollers.

“Jason, please.  She should be coming.”


“Jason, look at this game.”


I tried to hug him.  He pushed me away.

“Jason, look I see a new racing game.  I bet you can beat me.”  I plop my big body down into this racing seat and put the coins in.

“Wait, mommy, I want to play.”  And his mind is once again engaged.

Faith is onto a rolling ball game.  I get a text from Paula, the therapist.  She’s on her way now.  It’s been over an hour.   Jason has already had his fit.  I know that we won’t spend much time with her if she comes now.  I text her back and tell her that we are leaving.  We can meet the next week.  I’m heading to the hospital to see Jason’s grandma.

I just told Jason that she couldn’t make it.  I didn’t want the scene he would make if we left before he was ready to go because she was late.  I told him that he would meet with his mentor later and go to the library and do the arts and craft project.  All set.

We left Chuck-E Cheeses and headed to the hospital to see his grandma.  At first, I let him sit there and listen to us.  He and Faith talked a bit then.  Our Aunt and Uncle came in about that time.  I let him and Faith have the iPad to do a game while we were there.  Hospitals just are hard places for kids to behave.

At 1pm, he starts telling me what time it is.  He knows that we have to get home by a certain time for him to meet with his mentor.  I tell him not to start the time thing.  At 1:15, he tells me again.  At 1:30, again.

About that time, I got a text from his mentor saying that she was not going to be able to make it because one of her family member’s house had caught fire.  I told her to take care of her family and if she needed help to let me know.  Now I had to explain to Jason.

“Jason, your mentor isn’t going to be able to meet with you today.  One of her family’s house caught on fire.”

“Whose house?”

“One of her family.  She needs to deal with that.”

“Fire is bad, mommy.  Can we still do the arts & crafts?”

“Yes, Jason.  We can still do it.”

In Jason’s world, both of these incidents were huge.  He was let down by his therapist who he is beginning to trust.  Jason doesn’t have much empathy but some things he knows are bad so the second incident was not that hard to deal with.  Unfortunately, I had a third one happen.  Before we could go to the arts and crafts, I got very tired.  I couldn’t stay awake and he missed out on the arts and crafts project.  He went off the wall.  But life doesn’t happen sometimes how you want it too.  You have to learn how to deal with it.  He didn’t deal well with me being tired.  Today, I realized that I learning more every day how to handle him.  I am thankful for that.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!




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